About Us

The Translational Core Laboratory (TCL) at CHOP provides a variety of services ranging from laboratory testing to specimen special processing. We support investigators at CHOP, UPENN and Wistar for patient-orientated clinical research as well as preclinical animal and cell studies. External academic or industrial requests can also be accommodated.

As of 7/1/2016, TCL has become a CHOP Research Institute core facility and is no longer under CTRC (Clinical and Translational Research Center).  Users of TCL will be asked to complete account registration with the Core Facilities Administration to ensure correct invoicing.  For the currently active CTRC studies that receive special pricing from TCL (e.g., because you have a NIH K award or a JIPGP award), TCL is committed to the previously quoted "K pricing" and quantity.  However, before registering with TCL, please email Dr. Ren (link sends e-mail) your service request (name of service and quantity, and CTRC study number) and include a previous cost estimate from TCL when possible.