Account Registration & Sample Submission

Account registration must be completed before submitting samples to TCL. This is a simple 5-minute process which requires financial information (Lawson number for CHOP investigators, or a PO number for non-CHOP users) and business manager's online signature.  The cost estimate from Dr. Ren can be attached to the registration.  The online registration process will not assign you an account number, but your account number with TCL is your 9- or 10-digit Lawson Activity Number or the PO number. This account number will be needed for sample submission.

UPENN users will need the following info to request a PO# (Supplier #: 49513; Supplier Name: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Site Name: PHILA-200).

All samples submitted to TCL must be accompanied by a completed sample submission form, with your account number (complete or the first 4-5 numbers) indicated on the sample submission form to ensure proper billing.  Guidelines on sample submission time and temperature are detailed under Specimen Processing.