Service Inquiries and Requests

Please address all laboratory service inquiries/requests to Dr. Sean Ren, Technical Director of TCL, at (link sends e-mail) or 215-590-4765 (x 44765).

For work orders, please let us know the name of tests/processes, the quantity for each test, sample type, and how many aliquots for each sample will be provided.  When a single tube for each sample is submitted for multiple immunoassay tests, we very often have to thaw the samples, make aliquots for each sample, and refreeze them so that assays can be performed one-by-one.  This will incur extra charge (for sample aliquoting), and may affect data reliability as freeze-thaw may de-stablize certain analytes.

For grant applications, please let us know the duration of the study (time needed to collect all the samples) in addition to test name & quantity.  Based on your specific project information, a test platform will be recommended together with the cost estimate and sample requirements. Special sample collection guidance may be provided. TCL recommends storing multiple (3-4) aliquots for each sample for each immunoassay test to avoid freeze-thaw and to facilitate re-runs and/or lot-to-lot comparisons.  We also ask PIs to consider analyte stability during storage when designing their study or biobanking.  This is very important as we do receive samples that have passed their safe storage time.  Depending on the analyte, the "safe storage time" can be as short as 1-2 months, or even cannot be frozen.  Thus a -80C freezer is by no means a safe box for your samples!  Batch testing should be planned for less stable analytes, and lot-to-lot bridging should be planned accordingly.

Please note that CHOP TCL is not CLIA certified, thus our test results and lab procedures will be for Research Use Only, and will not be qualified for clinical use.