Our services are focused on the following functional areas:

  • Clinical Tests for research purpose.  We use several IVD (in vitro diagnostics)-qualified instruments to provide clinical tests for research purpose.  These tests include Complete Blood Counts (CBC), HbA1c, clinical chemistry (e.g., CMP, lipid panel, Na, creatinine, etc), and clinically-relevant immunoassays (e.g., CRP, Cystatin, insulin, Vitamin B12, PTH, cortisol, etc).  CBC and clinical chemistry assays can also be used for animal studies.  
  • Biomarker Discovery.  This includes our "ELISA Center" and PCR-based gene analysis.
  • Sample Processing.  We process clinical samples for PBMC, DNA/RNA, lymphocyte EBV transformation, and other special purposes according to your protocol. 

Services are classified below based on their technical platforms: