Cell Culture Service


  • Lymphoblast EBV-transformation (from fresh blood or frozen PBMC);
  • PBMC Isolation - see Sample Special Processing;
  • Fibroblasts isolation and culture from biopsy;
  • Cell culture and cryopreservation;
  • Blood cells analysis - see Hematology;
  • Other services involving cells - please inquire

Our technical staff have >10 years of cell culture experience. The cell culture facility is regularly sterilized and the cultures are checked for mycoplasma contamination. We have two liquid nitrogen tanks for cell storage. The liquid nitrogen tanks are electronically monitored for proper levels of liquid nitrogen. Please contact Dr. Ren at renx@email.chop.edu) for further information.


For fresh blood EBV transformation, a minimum of 4 ml of blood is needed for high transformation efficiency (>90%). Please DO NOT refrigerate blood as this will significantly decrease transformation efficiency. Most samples require same day processing. Please notify TCL beforehand (TranslationalCoreLab@email.chop.edu). Samples best received before 1 pm for same day processing.