Clinical Chemistry & Biochemistry

This section covers the clinical chemistry tests done on the Roche Cobas c311, and enzymatic/colorimetric biochemical assays using a 96-well plate reader.

The Cobas c311 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer tests:

  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP);
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP);
  • Liver Function Panel;
  • Lipid Panel;
  • and many single tests (glucose, creatinine, iron, etc).

Some assays are performed in real time (within 3 days), while others are performed in a batched fashion using frozen samples. Pricing varies according to the number of samples in one batch. Please contact Dr. Ren at for an estimate.  

Even though the Cobas c311 is IVD (in vitro diagnostics)-qualified, our data cannot be used for patient management, and will be used purely for research purpose.  TCL supports clinical research by providing high quality research data at a price lower than that from CLIA-certified labs. We also require much less sample volume in our tests compared with the hospital labs.