A Sysmex XT-2000iV Automated Hematology Analyzer has been acquired to support our clinical and animal research work. This toxicology and veterinary hematology analyzer provides a reliable, customizable solution for multi-species analysis. The analyzer utilizes the same patented fluorescent flow cytometry based cell counting technology proven in the Sysmex X-Series instruments. The Sysmex XT-2000iV is also capable of analyzing human samples.  Our services include:

  • CBC only;
  • CBC + differential;
  • CBC + reticulocytes;
  • CBC + differential + reticulocytes.

Please contact Dr. Ren at renx@email.chop.edu for pricing.

Sample Submission Guidelines

Sysmex recommends EDTA whole blood with no localized clotting for CBCs, and receipt/running within 4 hours of draw.  If you are unable to deliver the samples to us within that time frame, please place them at 4°C. 

Ideal sample volume is 100 µl or more, but lower volume (40 µl) can be run in Capillary Mode after a 1:5 dilution.  When dilution is required, Sysmex recommends the sample be run as close to draw time as possible.  As per Sysmex, please note that certain parameters are less accurate after dilution, as the number of analyzed cells is reduced by the dilution.

When submitting samples we ask for 1-day notice and a completed sample submission form.  Please email Carrie Coleman if you need the sample submission form in Excel format.  Please include the day/time of sample collection.  Please send the completed form to TranslationalCoreLab@email.chop.edu.  If you will be conducting a study over a series of days, one notification announcing the first day of the series is sufficient. We are located at the Abramson Research Building (ARC), Room 804D. Once the study samples have been run, we will email the reports to you on the same day or the next business day.


Sysmex XT-2000iV Automated Hematology Analyzer A Customizable Solution for Multi-Species Analysis